Connecting a network that changed a national conversation and re-energized a movement.

For the Tar Sands Campaign

Transforming a research and policy driven institution for 21st Century campaigning.

For Consumer Reports

Human Rights Watch

One of the world’s most respected NGO’s, Human Rights Watch needed to understand how the information landscape was changing for its key audiences and what investments it needed to make to its own digital capacity, assets, and culture to continue to reach them.

David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki is regularly voted Canada’s most respected citizen, and his Foundation is the country’s largest environmental NGO. But after a lifetime of campaigning, David couldn’t shake a sense of disappointment. More science and policy wasn’t going to deliver the change the world needed.


WITNESS trains and supports people around the world using video in their fight for human rights and justice. Founded by Peter Gabriel when the core challenge was to equip activists with video cameras, they needed to update their model to reflect a rapidly changed landscape.