Becoming a top election issue and delivering a $1B win for middle class families.

For the $10 a Day Childcare campaign

Repositioning renewable energy to accelerate its adoption and defeat coal with a bold new “Go” campaign.

For the #Repower Australia campaign

Human Rights Watch

One of the world’s most respected NGO’s, Human Rights Watch needed to understand how the information landscape was changing for its key audiences and what investments it needed to make to its own digital capacity, assets, and culture to continue to reach them.

David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki is regularly voted Canada’s most respected citizen, and his Foundation is the country’s largest environmental NGO. But after a lifetime of campaigning, David couldn’t shake a sense of disappointment. More science and policy wasn’t going to deliver the change the world needed.

Pull Together

This grassroots fundraising campaign went on to raise $1.25M to support Indigenous lawsuits against unwanted fossil fuel projects. It’s a clear example of how the principles of directed-network campaigns can be applied at a smaller, local scale.

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