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Launching a campaign to build unstoppable momentum on a new approach to environmental law.

For the David Suzuki Foundation

The Story

David Suzuki is regularly voted Canada’s most respected citizen, and his Foundation is the country’s largest environmental NGO. But after a lifetime of campaigning, David couldn’t shake a sense of disappointment.

The wrecking ball politics of the era saw decades of environmental progress destroyed by right wing and even centrist governments caving to unrelenting pressure from business. More science and policy wasn’t going to deliver the change the world needed.

With engagement as their new priority from their strategic plan, we led a process to tie three projects together into a cohesive whole and transform the way the Foundation campaigned. After reviewing dozens of successful people powered campaigns from around the world, we engaged innovators across the organization in a process to create a new vision that married the best of “big idea” narrative change work, on the ground organizing, and digital influence and mobilization.

The result was the Blue Dot Tour, which aimed to not only shift the environmental conversation towards one about basic human rights, but to then embed those rights into real laws starting at the local level. 133 municipalities representing 5 million citizens have now passed declarations recognizing the right to a healthy environment, and the Foundation is showing up in new ways that supports local communities and the broader movement to thrive.

Our Impact

  • National tour was successfully executed, with 18 sold out events across Canada
  • 20K sign-ups within two weeks, 100K after 2 years, and 14,500 volunteers engaged
  • Our plan led to new team structure supporting community organizing + digital mobilization