New models of organizing and mobilizing are behind today’s most important advocacy campaigns. We help leaders integrate proven innovation practices to win more change.



We’ve helped leaders understand and adapt to a radically changed landscape in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


We’ve co-created breakthrough campaigns that changed laws, elected or stopped governments, raised millions, and mobilized unstoppable people-power.


We’ve audited or re-structured more digital, communications, and organizing teams than anyone, and publish the most admired report on digital teams today.

Our Services

Our services are designed to make organizations, campaigns, leaders, and networks better able to achieve their ambitious goals.

Research &

Find out what’s working, what’s stuck, and how to unlock more impact in campaigns and organizations.

Driven by the proven principles of our directed-network campaign research and decades of first-hand experience designing and evaluating social change efforts.

Storytelling &

The core of a breakthrough campaign is a compelling story, believable theory of change, and clear pathways for involving people in the work of winning. Baking these insights into digital platforms, teams, and campaigns is our core offering for 25 years.

We can either lead, coach, or audit your efforts. 

& Teams

For institutions who yearn for more impact but aren’t sure why they are stuck or what new models to embrace, our engagement vision process creates a custom vision for innovation.

We then support transformation that sticks through co-creating new structures, processes, people, and skills.  

Trainings &

Once you’ve already “got it” you still need your entire leadership on board. Learn how to better engage, organize, and mobilize in the 21st century with custom internal training and problem-solving sessions. Because the future of your organization depends on it. Learn more.

Our Process

Our “whole-systems listening process” solves for complexity by tapping the wisdom of the networks around you to find out what the world needs from you, right now. Together we co-create a deep and long-lasting vision for innovation, and a practical roadmap for achieving it.