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Download our Distributed Organizing Worksheet

Six building blocks of distributed organizing campaigns


To support organizations rolling out distributed organizing efforts, we’ve put together a new campaign design framework drawn from best practices of the dozens of successful networks we have advised or studied closely.

Our worksheet breaks down the six strategic elements and practices behind most successful distributed organizing campaigns:

  • Establishing a people-powered theory of change
  • Designing supporter paths and roles
  • Establishing a recruitment and onboarding process
  • Setting up coaching and support for distributed supporters
  • Platforms and tools to support a distributed community
  • Defining milestones and moments of a distributed campaign

The tool is designed to convey the basics and to lead you and your teams to design or optimize your own practices by checking them against those of other leaders. The worksheet has been used in multiple live campaigning environments and as a learning tool in our workshops. It is now available for a free download by filling in the form on the right.

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