Transforming a research and policy driven institution for 21st century campaigning.

For Consumer Reports

The Story

Consumer Reports is a non-profit that runs a top 10 US magazine, a US top 40 website, and brings in over $250M a year in revenue, but its power and audience reach had been waning for a decade. 

Its large advocacy department wanted to grow its people power but staffing, structures, and values were still tied heavily to “old power” models, putting a drag on attempts at campaign innovation. 

Our engagement strategy helped Consumer Reports come up with a new vision to grow its people power and campaigning prowess. A social media, online fundraising, and list growth plan mapped an achievable path for growth. New roles, team structure, and changes to internal culture were catalysts for wider organizational change. 

After a senior leadership transition part way through the process, our focus shifted to creating a campaign lab to innovate the kind of storytelling and movement building campaign that would become the new normal. We ended our engagement by delivering a comprehensive research project on today’s most successful campaigns from across the political spectrum, that now serves as the blueprint for the advocacy department.

Our recommendations put CR on a path to re-energize the consumer movement by becoming as powerful as the NRA or AARP while as nimble and networked as today’s most exciting social movements. 

Our Impact

  • Engagement vision led to new strategy for advocacy department, new team roles, organizational structure, and culture
  • Campaign to End Robocalls gained over 600K signatures and served as “campaign lab” and model for  future advocacy efforts
  • Acted as senior advisors to CEO and Senior VP Brand & Strategy on multiple projects
  • Positioned new, integrated CR to run campaigns in alignment with “Networked Change” principles, tools, and tactics