As pioneers of digital transformation, we deeply understand traditional institutions, new network models, and how to marry old power with new.

Our Story

Formerly digital strategy firm Communicopia, our expertise was honed over twenty years creating digital storytelling projects for nearly a thousand non-profits, from start-ups to grassroots to large global institutions.

Long ago we noticed the transformative opportunity a digital project offered as institutions asked big questions about their story, audience, and offering. Many who embraced our “whole systems listening” process realized they were refreshing much more than their digital strategy.

Together we were co-creating a bespoke, 21st Century upgrade for their institutions, and the long term results were phenomenal.

NetChange Consulting takes this approach a step further. With a team of some of the most experienced change-leaders in the space, our unique blend of digital strategy, campaign planning, organizational change and leadership development helps institutions, networks, and teams get un-stuck and find fresh purpose, focus, and direction for our radically changed world.


Jason Mogus
– Principal Strategist

Tom Liacas
– Senior Strategist

Marie-Marguerite Sabongui
– Senior Associate

Jessica Shearer
– Senior Associate

Christopher Roy
– Senior Associate

Ajay Puri
– Associate Consultant

Keegan McEvoy
– Executive Assistant

Our Impact

  • Exclusively worked for social change organizations, always + forever
  • Donated $750,000+ of pro bono services or cash to grassroots non-profits
  • Founded + managed for 14 years the Web of Change conference + community
  • Created world’s first report on Non-profit Digital Teams (2011 + 2014)
  • Executive produced over 1,000 websites, videos, or social campaigns for change
  • Work covered in three books, dozens of newspapers, online, TV