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New models of organizing and mobilizing are behind today’s most successful advocacy campaigns. We help social impact leaders win more change.


Defining Networked

Our original research on directed-network campaigns has been used in trainings and influenced the design of hundreds of major campaigns.

Co-creating New
Initiatives & Campaigns

We’ve helped design campaigns that influenced the biggest corporations on Earth, changed laws, raised millions for justice, and mobilized unstoppable people-power.


Global Understanding
& Reach

We’ve worked extensively in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia, and with Indigenous peoples in their ancestral homelands.

Senior Advisory Services

Campaign & Network  Evaluations

For campaigns and networks struggling to make collective impact work, we can help you find out what’s working, what’s in the way, and help unlock new potential and momentum.

Informed by the frameworks of directed-network campaigns and our decades of first-hand experience doing the work.

Coaching & Capacity Building

Most social change actors today already understand the principles of networked change. What’s often missing are a lack of frameworks and tools, institutional barriers, or personal leadership limitations.

We support leaders to integrate best practices in collective impact into their day to day practices. 

Campaign Strategy &

When launching something new that’s never been done before, it can help to bring in an outsider. We can convene a process of campaign co-creation to help set you on the right path.

Informed by decades of experience in high impact directed-network and corporate campaigns.