We help innovators deliver on the promise of digital engagement to build power, strengthen movements, and win more change.


We’ve led organizational transformation projects for over 50 institutions across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


We’ve designed and led breakthrough campaigns that changed laws, elected governments, raised millions of dollars, and mobilized tens of millions of people.


We’ve re-structured over 30 digital, communications, and organizing teams to center on engagement, and wrote the world’s first digital teams report.

Our Services

Innovation Planning

Plan, audit, or turbo-boost next-level campaigns driven by the proven principles of our networked change research.

Engagement Platforms

Create or refresh digital campaigns and platforms that tell compelling stories, grow supporter bases, empower leaders, and reach influencers. Our core offering for almost 25 years. 

& Team Consulting

Drive innovation across your entire institution with a refreshed vision centered on engagement. Structure and align “hybrid” teams that combine the best of digital, comms, and organizing within cultures of excellence and impact.  

Our Process

Our organizational transformation process has helped dozens of social change institutions and leaders find new focus and purpose for the networked age. Together we tap the wisdom of your own networks to co-create a custom vision for innovation, and a comprehensive roadmap for change.