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Winning big change in today’s complex world requires tapping into new sources of people power. We help innovators in important social change institutions integrate new models of organizing and mobilizing to grow influence, raise funds, build power, and strengthen movements.

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Wary of consultants?

Sometimes I cringe a little when being introduced as a consultant, especially in these anti-establishment times. It’s almost as if some folks keep a garlic necklace handy to fight off an unwanted bite. I’m certainly no fan of many consultancies that build in...

The simple “tech stack” behind leading people-powered campaigns

Overall, we observe that the tools and systems used by distributed organizing leaders are relatively inexpensive, “plug and play” – in the sense that they can rapidly be set up and deployed to support programs – and accessible in the sense that they are user-friendly or based on platforms that supporters and organizers already use and therefore do not require special training or a long adaptation period.

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