If you want big change,
network it.

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Winning big change in today’s complex world requires tapping into new sources of people power. We help innovators in important social change institutions deliver on the promise of digital engagement to grow influence, raise funds, build power, and strengthen movements.

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Networked Change: How progressive campaigns are won in the 21st Century

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A theory of change that made the impossible possible

Of all the hot campaign trends from the past few years, the one that’s probably most commonly implemented on new campaigns is the “theory of change”. A critical part of storytelling and engagement, having a credible one helps smart but cynical audiences decide whether...

Engagement principles – hard won from one of the best

We've started this fall to help a new advocacy software start-up better tell its story and connect with more clients. New/Mode's highly focused software helps campaigners win by unleashing "full spectrum engagement" on advocacy targets, which is why we love them so...

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