If you want big change,
network it.

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Winning big change in today’s complex world requires tapping into new sources of people power. We help innovators in important social change institutions deliver on the promise of digital engagement to grow influence, raise funds, build power, and strengthen movements.

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Networked Change: How progressive campaigns are won in the 21st Century

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Engagement principles – hard won from one of the best

We've started this fall to help a new advocacy software start-up better tell its story and connect with more clients. New/Mode's highly focused software helps campaigners win by unleashing "full spectrum engagement" on advocacy targets, which is why we love them so...

How is digital changing advocacy orgs today? SURVEY

What new approaches are advocacy orgs using to successfully manage digital, and campaign and engagement innovation more widely? What are today's most common team structures? Who are the essential digital roles and who tops hiring wish lists? How have these and other...

The four models of digital teams – make that five

How do you structure your digital engagement team? Has that structure changed in the last 3 years, and is it working? How well do you collaborate with other departments with fingers in digital? What are the biggest areas of growth, opportunity, and tension in your org...

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