If you want big change,
network it.

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Winning change in today’s complex world requires tapping into real people power. NetChange Consulting (formerly Communicopia) helps institutions grow influence and impact by integrating engagement into their campaigns, organizations, and teams.

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The first principle that unlocks all the others

The four principles of the directed-network campaign model aren't necessarily shared in order of priority, though some are so foundational that you can't do anything else unless those are in place. Opening to people power is one of those, because if you don't start by...

What was that directed network campaign thing again?

Since launching our Networked Change report last June, we've presented the "directed-network campaign" model dozens of times at keynotes, trainings and private sessions around the world, working with hundreds of organizations to implement it more deeply into their...

Networked change all over Australia this June

We've had thousands of downloads of our Networked Change Report from the US, UK, Europe, and Canada, but the place where the model has most taken off is, perhaps surprisingly, Australia. In the last year we've given dozens of presentations on the "directed network"...

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