If you want big change,
network it.

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Winning change in today’s complex world requires tapping into real people power. NetChange Consulting (formerly Communicopia) helps institutions grow influence, engagement and impact by integrating networked thinking into their organizations, campaigns and teams.

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Still waiting for a sign?

The role of social change institutions in leading us through this time of multiple, deepening crises in our culture, our communities, our planet, and our spirits couldn’t be more clear. It’s time to modernize your institution so it is part of driving the real, big change we need, or get out of the way to let others lead.

Networked Change in Stanford Social Innovation Review

Our Networked Change Report, which maps the strategic patterns behind today’s winning advocacy campaigns is now available for free download. For busy folks, we also just published this summary with the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Below is a copy. Behind...

The last blog post you’ll ever read from Communicopia

Sorry about the headline. It’s actually not a sad story. It’s a re-birth. 23 years after Communicopia – then one of the world’s first digital media companies – opened its doors to serve the social change community, and five years after we stopped building...

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