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We’ve much to do. Our trainings will inspire your leadership and empower your teams with new ideas & skills. Let’s win more change, together.

Two-day workshop

Distributed organizing deep dive

As we continue to get requests to help evaluate or build out distributed organizing approaches, we’ve created a more accessible workshop offering to accelerate adoption. The training packages our research and frameworks into a two-day workshop meant to kickstart your planning and line your program up with the best practices of the most successful distributed organizers out there today.

The workshop plan includes:

  • Mapping of existing distributed organizing plan against our framework of six essential elements of successful distributed organizing campaigns
  • Facilitated discussions to identify current campaign design gaps and organizational challenges
  • Facilitated brainstorms/creative sessions to generate possible solutions to gaps and challenges

Contact us for more information, pricing, and available dates.

Custom internal workshops

Engaging, organizing, and mobilizing your base in the 21st century

Drawing upon lessons from high-level engagement success stories such as the Bernie Sanders campaign, the global climate movement and the Fightfor15$, this internal series of problem-solving sessions will outline the social trends that draw staff and supporters to engage more deeply with causes and institutions while also presenting successful management models that drive mass participation towards shared goals and milestones.

Participants come away with these key tools and skills:

  • How to open up to people power in your org
  • How to balance hybrid bottom-up/top-down structures within the same organization
  • Guiding grassroots power towards concrete outcomes
  • Tracking the impact and “return on effort” of bottom-up engagement projects

Download our internal workshop brochure for more details.

Inspirational Keynotes

Networked Change: How campaigns are won in the 21st century

Our Networked Change report highlights the elements driving today’s most successful social change campaigns and has been downloaded by and presented to thousands of leading changemakers around the world. This short, high energy presentation is designed to communicate in a visual and story-driven way the complex elements driving impact today, and spur new thinking on strategy, tactics, structure, and tools. Delivered via video-conference by one of the report co-authors, presentations are customized with sector relevant case studies and include ample time for Q&A to ground the learnings.

Location: Live web conference
Format: 60 or 90 min sessions. 1 hour intake session prior.
Cost: $500 – $750. 
Significant discount for groups working on racial or Indigenous justice. 

Connected learning environment

  • Curriculum drawn from case studies and stories from over 60 of today’s most effective movement leaders
  • Intimate session environment creates trust + new network of like-minded peers
  • Gain feedback and coaching from experienced campaign and digital strategists
  • Bring specific live case studies for real-time problem solving + collective feedback

Experienced Trainers

  • Our trainings have been delivered to over 200 senior campaigners in New York, London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Washington, DC
  • Based on the model from our Networked Change Report featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Third Sector in the U.K and presented at conferences such as Personal Democracy Forum, Netroots Nation, and Progress Australia
  • Our trainers have collectively led organizational transformation projects for over 50 institutions and over 75 breakthrough campaigns in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia
  • We founded and co-managed for 14 years the Web of Change conference and community that has trained well over 1,000 progressive social change leaders
  • Each trainer has well over 10 years’ hands-on experience leading institutions through successful engagement or campaign innovation projects