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We’ve had thousands of downloads of our Networked Change Report from the US, UK, Europe, and Canada, but the place where the model has most taken off is, perhaps surprisingly, Australia.

In the last year we’ve given dozens of presentations on the “directed network” campaign model to NGO’s, networks, and funders, and we’re also directly advising some leading progressive campaigns.

The interest is so high we’re excited to offer those that want to go deeper a chance to spend a full day with the model in an intimate group setting. After successful trainings in New York, London, and Washington DC, my writing partner and training lead Tom Liacas and myself will both be in Sydney and Melbourne in June, to offer four different public events:

  • A keynote talk on the model and a campaign Four public training events in Australia this June geek out panel on the #StopAdani campaign, which we’re calling the world’s most successful directed network campaign right now, at the Australian Progress 2017 conference
  • A half day pre-training session for Progress attendees, on June 5
  • For hard-cores, two full day deep dive trainings, in partnership with NationBuilder and OrganiseUS, in Melbourne on June 8 and Sydney June 9

We’re also doing a number of private trainings for groups who want to bring more of their staff and culture into the directed network campaign framework. Contact us if this is of interest to you.

All our trainings are open for registration now! Here’s our writeup on what participants can expect:

Learning from North-America’s Breakthrough Advocacy Campaigns

Today’s hottest North-American advocacy campaigns capitalize on new channels of power and supporter engagement. Integrating their “directed-network campaigning” approach is a shortcut towards generating much greater impact with your existing resources.

Drawing upon lessons from high-impact case studies such as the Bernie Sanders grassroots mobilization machine, the campaign to block the Keystone XL pipeline, the Fightfor15, and the new fast-growing #StopAdani campaign, this full-day training will outline the strategic patterns common to all modern campaigns that punch well above their weight. At the end of this session, participants will come away with concrete plans for implementing leading-edge campaigning practices into their operations and will be aware of the new skills and resources required to do so.

Building an approach through understanding

  • How the advocacy landscape has shifted in the past 15 years
  • Your supporters and their new expectations
  • The advantages of distributed organizing
  • The power of “swarming” collective targets
  • The cost-efficiency of new open approaches
Participants come away with these key tools and skills
  • How to design people-powered campaigns
  • How to balance hybrid bottom-up/top-down structures within the same organization
  • Guiding grassroots power towards concrete outcomes
  • Tracking growth and impact of networked campaigning models
An interactive learning process rooted in case studies
  • Testimonies from movement leaders
  • Feedback and coaching from experienced strategists
  • Collective problem-solving exercises addressing specific attendee challenges
  • A resource kit drawn from over 40 case studies
Experienced trainers
  • Our trainers have collectively led organizational transformation projects for over 50 institutions across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia
  • We’ve designed and led over 75 breakthrough campaigns that changed laws, elected governments, raised millions of dollars, and mobilized tens of millions of people
  • We founded and co-managed the Web of Change conference and community that has trained and connected well over 1,000 progressive social change leaders
  • Each trainer has well over 10 years’ hands-on experience leading recognized institutions through successful engagement projects
Insights drawn from acclaimed research
  • Learnings in this training are drawn from years of work studying the strategies and practices that lie behind today’s most dynamic organizations and campaigns
  • Our latest research, recently published as the Networked Change Report, has been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Third Sector in the U.K and presented at conferences such as the Personal Democracy Forum and Netroots Nation.


Register for June 8 in Melbourne.

Register for June 9 in Sydney.

Thanks to our partners NationBuilder and OrganiseUs for helping promote the trainings!