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The stakes just went up dramatically for all of us working on social change so learning how to campaign more effectively, manage resources wisely, and punch above our weight has never been more important.

We hope to help more campaigners and nonprofit managers gear up for the fight ahead through a series of accessible trainings we are launching on three continents, starting December 16th in New York.

We’ll be sharing how directed network strategies can build grassroots power and help modern advocacy campaigns to win, while hands-on coaching and an intimate peer learning framework will help participants rapidly evolve or fix their most important campaign and team challenges in real time.

The series is launching with these four offerings:

Reinventing Campaigns to Win Bigger

2_civichall-hackathon2_jpg__1002x669_Today’s breakthrough campaigns capitalize on new channels of power and supporter engagement. Integrating principles of “directed network campaigning” into your advocacy approaches is a shortcut towards generating much greater impact with your existing resources.



Managing 21st Century Engagement

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-13-51-12Greater engagement demands that organizations respond to the new cultural expectations of their staff and supporters. This half-day training will outline the social trends that draw staff and supporters to engage more deeply with causes and institutions while also presenting successful management models that drive mass participation towards shared goals and milestones.


Networked Change Customized Presentation

netchange-addThis short, high energy presentation is designed to communicate in a visual and story-driven way the complex elements driving impact today, and spur new thinking on strategy, tactics, structure, and tools. Delivered via video-conference by one of the report co-authors, presentations are customized with sector relevant case studies and include ample time for Q&A to ground the learnings.


We will also be offering a full day Directed Networks deep dive training for those actively working in or looking to start or fund a full-scale directed network campaign in their issue area.



Come join us to learn how new networked strategies can amplify the power of advocacy campaigns and bring greater dynamism to organizations.

To find full descriptions of all trainings and confirmed upcoming dates and locations, please visit the new Trainings section on our site.