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For the past year we’ve been helping a new advocacy tools startup called New/Mode. We believe in the power of their “targeted engagement” tools to support the progressive movement to build our people power and target that grassroots energy at decision makers so that we can win more campaigns.

Together with Care2 and other partners we’re helping them launch a new report on the big idea behind their tools. Full spectrum engagement is a marriage of effective community building practices and new engagement tools, and is filled with practical ideas for making engagement real in our work.

You can download Full spectrum engagement on the New/Mode website.

The report is based on lead author Steve Anderson’s experiences building up Open Media into a global powerhouse of people powered campaigning. It also pulls ideas from 5 other campaign innovation frameworks (Big Organizing, New Power, Engagement Organizing, our own Directed-Network Campaigning, and The Missing Middle). It outlines an engagement framework that foregrounds community power and relationship building at a critical time when bots and social media manipulation make authentic distributed communications essential for any campaigner.

You can download Full spectrum engagement on the New/Mode website.

Launch event – Digital non-profit happy hour in Washington, D.C.

Join New/Mode, Care2, ActionNetwork, Higher Ground Labs, NetChange, and other progressive technology leaders for a VIP happy hour reception for the Washington DC launch of our “Full Spectrum Engagement” report.

The report lead author Steve Anderson from New/Mode and several contributors will be on hand to celebrate the launch of this essential campaigning framework for the Trump Era. Paper copies of the report will be available for participants.

Please register to reserve one of the limited spots available.